all pricing is exclusive of GST

Fresh, Seasonal Fruit Platter (GF) (VEGAN)

including a variety of fresh seasonal fruits

Small - $35 (approx. 10 people)

Medium - $65 (approx. 10 people)

Large - $100 (approx. 20 people)

Mixed Breakfast Cups

(Includes 10 cups)

A selection of granola w natural yoghurt, chia pudding w coyo,

fruit salad.

= $50 per platter 

Mixed Australian Cheese Box 

including dried fruit & nuts, roasted veggies & olives, prosciutto, Australian cheeses, crackers & grissini

* Gluten Free crackers available upon request*

= SMALL - $45(approx 4-6 people)

= LARGE - $100 (approx 10-12 people)

Healthy & Healing Platter (V) (GF) 

(minimum 10 people) 

including nutritional bliss balls, tofu & vermicelli rice

paper rolls, a selection of homemade dips and veggie

crudités, caprese skewers and fresh fruit

= $15 per person 

Mixed Sweets Platter (V)

(minimum 6 people) - 2 pieces per person 

includes freshly baked danish pastries, cookies, mini cakes

and homemade slices

* Gluten Free/ Vegan options available upon request*

= $8 per person 

Mixed Sandwich Platter:

(minimum 6 people) - 1.5 servings per person

mixed sandwiches, wraps, mini rolls and gourmet rolls. 

= $14 per person 

Breakfast Bundle: 

(minimum 10 people)

A varied selection of the following items: 

- bacon & egg mini rolls 

- mushroom & egg mini rolls w. spinach &  pesto (V) 

- assorted danish pastries & croissants (V) 

- mini granola pot w. natural yoghurt & honey (V) 

- mini chia puddings w. coyo & fresh blueberries (VEGAN) (GF)

- fresh, seasonal fruit platter 

- freshly squeezed juice of the day

= $17 per head 

Standard Corporate Lunch Package: 

(minimum 6 people) 

1 x regular sandwich + 1 x side salad = $13 per person 


Premium Corporate Lunch Package: 

(minimum 6 people) 

1 x gourmet sandwich + 1 x side salad = $15 per person 


Deluxe Corporate Lunch Package: 

(minimum 10 people) 

1 x poke bowl + piece of fruit + mixed cookies + small fruit juice, soft drink  or bottled water = $19 per person 


Full Day Meeting Package:

(minimum 10 people) 

freshly baked danish pastry + mini quiches for morning tea,

gourmet sandwich + side salad + seasonal fruit platter for lunch,

a mixed selection of homemade slices and cookies for afternoon tea.

= $30 per person 


*Please advise us of any dietary requirements when ordering these platters and packages, and we will substitute items where possible*

For meetings held over several days, please let us know and we can adjust the offering of meeting packages between the days.