bliss balls (GF) (VEGAN) 

- coconut & cacao

- date, almond & apricot 


chia pudding w. COYO &  berries (GF) (VEGAN) 

house-made granola w. natural yoghurt (V)

seasonal fruit salad w. natural yoghurt (V)

house-made almond & banana bread w. ricotta (GF)


sweet or savoury mini muffins (2 per serve) 

- banana

- blueberry

- choc chip

- feta & roast veg 

- garlic & herb 





freshly baked danish pastries (V)

freshly baked mini croissants filled w. 

- ham & cheese 

- butter & jam (V)

- cheese & tomato (V)

smoked salmon bagel w. fresh dill & cream cheese

mini bacon & egg roll w. cheese & spicy bbq sauce 

mini mushroom & egg roll w. spinach & pesto (V)

freshly squeezed juice 

- orange 


*200ml, individually portioned 
































These sandwiches come with mixed fillings on multi-grain, rye, light rye and country white bread. 
Minimum of 6 sandwiches or wraps. Both sandwiches and wraps are cut in half. 

Suggested serving size is 1 x sandwich + half a wrap, per person or 1.5 sandwiches per person.  


SANDWICH = $8.50                        WRAP = $9.10


homemade scones served w. jam & cream (V)

(2 per serve) 


selection of mini cakes 

- spiced caramel cake (GF) (V)

- double choc cake (V)

- lemon sponge cake (V)

mixed homemade slices 

- coconut & raspberry slice (V)

- choc walnut brownie (GF) 

- caramel slice (V)

assorted cookies (2 per serve) 

- oat & date (V)

- caramel & white chocolate (V)

- dark choc chip (V)

freshly baked danish pastries (V)






assorted finger sandwhiches of: 

- poached chicken, toasted almond & tarragon 

- smoked salmon, cream cheese & dill 

- boiled egg, shallots, mustard & mayo (V)

mini quiches including: 

- ham & cheese 

- smoked salmon & dill 

- roasted capsicum & feta (V)

homemade pork & fennel sausage rolls 

mixed mini cocktail pies including: 

- beef burgandy 

- chicken, leek & tarragon 

- lamb & rosemary 

mushroom tarts w. goats curd (V)

freshly baked mini croissants filled w. 

- ham & cheese 

- butter & jam (V)

- cheese & tomato (V)








poached chicken, toasted almonds, tarragon, cucumber & lettuce w. celery and whole-egg mayonnaise 

rare roasted beef, sun-dried tomatoes, cucumber & lettuce w. horseradish and homemade mustard  

cooked tuna & sun-dried tomatoes w. cucumber, lettuce & whole-egg mayonnaise

mixed roasted vegetables of eggplant, zucchini, basil pesto & sun-dried tomatoes (V)

leg ham, tasty cheese, lettuce, tomato & cucumber w. homemade mustard 

turkey breast, brie cheese & cranberry sauce w. cucumber & lettuce 

boiled eggs w. shallots, mustard & whole-egg mayonnaise (V)

We also stock a range of international gourmet breads.

Gourmet sandwiches and wraps are cut in half. 

Suggested serving size is 1 x gourmet bread + side salad.

Please select your filling(s) following options... (Minimum of 6 per filling).



classic reuben sandwich

cooked tuna, herbed ricotta & tomato

prosciutto, bocconcini, pesto, tomato & rocket

turkey breast, brie cheese & cranberry sauce w. cucumber & lettuce

chicken schnitzel (or grilled), cheese, lettuce, tomato w. sweet chilli mayo & avocado 

roasted pumpkin, goats curd, caramelised onion, rocket & tomatoes (V)

For a lighter option, we stock a variety of mini rolls including wholemeal, rye, seeded and white.

These come as a mixed selection, with the same fillings as our regular sandwiches and wraps listed above.  

 Minimum of 6 per filling. Mini rolls are NOT cut in half due to their small size. 


MINI ROLLS = $4.75


Please note:

*All our sandwiches, wraps and rolls are delivered in (neatly presented) disposable boxes. These make for easy storage and safe travel.

* We have gluten free and vegan sandwich options available upon request 



Poke Bowl!





pumpkin, beetroot, rocket & feta (V)

cauliflower w. brown rice, almond & mint (VEGAN)

greek salad - tomato, cucumber,red onion, olive & feta (V)

garden salad w. cherry tomatoes, red onion & avocado (VEGAN)

rice noodles w. salmon, edamame, asian herbs, sesame seeds & shallots

heirloom tomatoes w. capers, pickled red onion, basil & balsamic dressing (VEGAN)

quinoa, currants & capsicum w. shallots, hazelnut & soy/ginger dressing (VEGAN)

sugar snap peas & green beans w. goats curd, mint & lemon dressing (V)

vietnamese beef salad w. vermicelli noodles & asian veggies

mixed herb quinoa tabouli w. pomegranate (VEGAN)

radicchio & walnut w. orange & goats curd (V)

bean, avocado & tomato salad (VEGAN)






Our salads are charged per serving and will be packaged individually unless otherwise requested.

Salads will come with disposable napkins and cutlery

Minimum order of 6 per salad.


SALADS = $10.75 per serve

All salads are Gluten Free


Minimum order of 6 per bowl. 

Our poke bowls are charged per serving and will be packaged individually unless otherwise requested.

Poke bowls will come with disposable napkins and cutlery



with vermicelli rice noodles, avocado, cucumber, coriander, wasabi peas and miso dressing. 


with brown rice, red radish, shredded beetroot, carrot, ginger & sesame kewpie dressing


with vermicelli rice noodles, avocado, coriander, crispy shallots and ponzu dressing 


Fresh, Seasonal Fruit Platter (GF) (VEGAN)

(minimum 10 people)

including a variety of fresh seasonal fruits

= $6 per person + GST

Mixed Australian Cheese Box

(minimum 10 people) 

including dried fruit & nuts, roasted veggies & olives, prosciutto, Australian cheeses, crackers & grissini

* Gluten Free crackers available upon request*

= $12 per person + GST

Seafood Platter  (GF)

(minimum 20 people) 

including oysters, prawns, octopus, fresh lemon and 
seafood sauce

= $20 per person + GST

Healthy & Healing Platter (V) (GF) 

(minimum 10 people) 

including nutritional bliss balls, tofu & vermicelli rice

paper rolls, a selection of homemade dips and veggie

crudités, caprese skewers and fresh fruit

= $15 per person + GST

Mixed Sweets Platter (V)

(minimum 10 people) - 2 pieces per person 

includes freshly baked danish pastries, cookies, mini cakes

and homemade slices

* Gluten Free/ Vegan options available upon request*

= $8 per person + GST

Mixed Sandwich Platter:

(minimum 10 people) - 1.5 servings per person

mixed sandwiches, wraps, mini rolls and gourmet rolls. 

= $13.50 per person + GST

Breakfast Bundle: 

(minimum 20 people)

A varied selection of the following items: 

- bacon & egg mini rolls 

- mushroom & egg mini rolls w. spinach &  pesto (V) 

- assorted danish pastries & croissants (V) 

- mini granola pot w. natural yoghurt & honey (V) 

- mini chia puddings w. coyo & fresh blueberries (VEGAN) (GF)

- fresh, seasonal fruit platter 

- freshly squeezed juice of the day

= $15 per head + GST

Standard Corporate Lunch Package: 

(minimum 6 people) 

1 x regular sandwich + 1 x side salad = $13 per person + GST


Premium Corporate Lunch Package: 

(minimum 6 people) 

1 x gourmet sandwich + 1 x side salad = $15 per person + GST


Deluxe Corporate Lunch Package: 

(minimum 10 people) 

1 x poke bowl + piece of fruit + mixed cookies + small fruit juice, soft drink  or bottled water = $19 per person + GST


Full Day Meeting Package:

(minimum 10 people) 

freshly baked danish pastry + mini quiches for morning tea,

gourmet sandwich + side salad + seasonal fruit platter for lunch,

a mixed selection of homemade slices and cookies for afternoon tea.

= $30 per person + GST


*Please advise us of any dietary requirements when ordering these platters and packages, and we will substitute items where possible*